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greek life

at my university's student center there are these slogan's written in chalk on the pavement.

"think greek, sorority and fraternity recruitment 2007"

it sounds so abnoxious to me that i go there with some friends later that night and cross it out

"think greek for yourself"

i don't like the whole greek system promising incoming freshman a plentitude of friends when really greek life stands for so much more. it is an elitist group trying to distinguish themselves by obligating themself to something that shapes them. rather than considering a well-rounded perspective of the world (which is what we essentially come here to do) to be of educational value, they segregate themselves.

the connotation attached to the words "sorority girl" must have some sort of reason.

and you will notice that the frequent greek will only hang out with others like them. this results in an observable homogeneous demeanor and appearance.

i guess i just feel like it saps the individuality from the individual and stuffs them into a collective that gives back to the world by parties, drama and the occasional volunteer effort.

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